Rallymisjonæren, moving graphics


Identity and printed materials.

Egersund ølbryggerlaug

Egersund Ølbryggerlaug

Homebrew beerbottle labels

Furniture sketching

Furniture sketching

Customizing the home, items (co-)designed with Marthe Bjelkarøy

Furniture sketching

Birthday card/ invite

Bad card for a good brother.

Rallymisjonæren, moving graphics

Rallymisjonæren, tv graphics

Titles and maps for tv-documentary.

Eibrygg Identity sketches


Logo and identity sketches for a regionally brewed beer.

Ingeniørspillet, boardgame design


Boardgame design for Ingeniørspillet in collaboration with
newly started Realfokus in Trondheim.


Inhouse webdesign

Freelance works for Oktober Media

Snake-like gamesketch

Recreational programming

Snake-like gamesketch/ prototype, withProcessing (java)
and Processing.js (Canvas output from processing sketches).

Illustrating landscapes

Illustrations for Sogndalstrand Media, visualizing historic events form the local area.

Newssources 2010

Sketching infographics for a Flowingdata.com – challenge

Brattlia Økogård

Small scale identity package, web & print

Mozilla Labs’ OpenData Competition

Submission for Mozilla Labs’ OpenData Competition

MInecraft, posters

Minecraft, posters

Indirect infographics

Tiny Cosmos, animated logo

Short project, animation of existing logo.


Work in progress.

Website updated

New design, content and puropse.


Series of illustrations for Sogndalstrand Media and Sokndal Kommune

Thor, god of thunder

New illustration for Sogndalstrand Media and Magma Geopark in Egersund/ Dalane.
Telling the story of how Thor put his mark on the local mountains.

Working with Processing

Experiments at Lust in Processing, for a visualization project

Book sketching

Sketches and observations on the structure and navigation of the book, wile interning at Lust, Den Haag.

Egersund Net, user manual

Illustrations for a user manual by Sogndalstrand Media for Egersund Net.

3 point / isometric perspective

WIP from a spread for Total Identity in The Hague.

St. Olav and the Midgard Serpent

A series of illustrations for Sogndalstrand Media in Egersund.

See What You Mean, summary

‘See What You Mean’ icons and bits, roundup

Pension crisis, SWYM

Rich picture/ infographic, (co-)designed at ‘See What You Mean’ during my internship.

Monkeys & typewriters

A lighthearted look at the consequences of multiple dimensions and infinity.

Sketch roundup #3

A collection of semi-current personal sketches and illustrations.

Tingbø Kjøkken

Website building for Tingbø Kjøkken, design by Marthe Bjelkarøy.

IXO, identity development

Short, basic identity development.

Meanwhile, in Antwerpen…

No ale, no sale


Mixtape on a cd, coverdesign and audio mixing

Coin toss visualisation

Experimenting with probability and patterns

Quantum type

Student project at the AUCB, mixing quantum mechanical properties with type.

NTE, internal communication

Proposed illustration system for NTE, designed during my internship at Lindseth Reklame.

Geodata, rollups

For Geodata’s new regional office in Steinkjer, made at Lindseth Reklame.

Text-based RPG website

Experimental website, interactivity design.

Aasnes Glasverk

Identity and strategy for a local glass blowing, arts and tourism centre.

Sogndalstrand media

Illustration roundup, freelance projects for Sogndalstrand Media.

Internet forums

Student project at the AUCB, investigating online communication on forums and messageboards.

ON: broadcast ident

Student project at the AUCB, program concept and identity.

Sketch roundup #2

More one-off’s and quick illustrations from the depths of my folders.


A catalogue of superheroes, vigilantes and comic book characters. Student project at the AUCB.

Lost Time

Identity and promotional material for a fictional symposium. Student project at the AUCB.

Bo-glede, Namdalseid

Winning submission to local logo/ promo-illustration contest for building and revitalization program.

Xenox, posters

Promotion for a local LAN party

Sketch roundup #1

Collecting loose sketches and doodles from around my harddrive.

Discovery by design

Magazine spread with an article from Emigre magazine. Student project at the AUCB.

7, Magazine

Illustrated cover, student project at the NKF Oslo.

The Internet Man

Illustrated poster, student project at NKF Oslo.

Profil, packaging

Condom packaging design, student project at the NKF Oslo.