Rallymisjonæren, tv-graphics

I was asked to help visualize a journey from Norway to Bamako (Mali),  for the documentary “Rallymisjonæren”, that was shown on TV2.  The movie follows the rally crew as they compete in the Budapest-Bamako rally, which is part competition and part charity. “Rallymisjonæren” was produced by SRS Video and edited by TinyCosmos.


Clips, final:



There were no actual maps to start from, so the actual route and timing of events had to be recreated from raw video and partial logbooks:


Day 7. January 23.
Finish: Smara. Distance: 395 km

WARNING! WARNING! You are now in Western Sahara. DO NOT GET OFF THE

    Couple of navigational points for today:
    N28 17.100 W9 32.400 - Enter the Dakar piste
    N27 55.853 W9 57.917 - Lebuirat
    N27 52.557 W10 14.995 - Important junction. Follow the piles.
    N27 20.457 W10 40.406 - Budapest-Bamako sign
    N27 15.735 W10 45.042 - Dangerous rock, downhill, fast section later
    N27 06.468 W11 01.169 - Hawza military base
    N27 03.197 W11 18.964 - paved road under construction

BIVOUAC N26 53.462 W11 46.100



Using a combination of Google maps for plotting the route, vector map data from Natural Earth and composing in Illustrator, the basic maps were created.





Idea sketches for map sequences and overlays, looking into different visual cues and encoding of information.




Animation tests using the raw vector maps from Illustrator and After Effects



Final style sketches, using satellite imagery from NASA Landsat





The final graphics were mostly composited from vector data and satellite imagery in After Effects. But the spinning globe-sequence required some extra steps, involving Nasa’s World Wind in order to export image sequences of both the globe and vector overlays, which were reprojected using Quantum GIS.




Composite images


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