Ingeniørspillet, 2nd edition


2nd edition

Minecraft illustrations for Time magazine

Illustrations for Time magazine

Crafting bits and bobs in the likeness of elements from the hit-game Mineraft
by  the Swedish company Mojang

Roadtrip 2009

Infographic themed poster, personal project detailing a drive to the UK from Norway and back

Information Graphics, Taschen

Information Graphics

Work featured in book by Taschen.

World skin color

(co-)designed at Lust in collaboration with Reineke Otten for the Centraal Museum Utrecht.
Investigating relationships between skincolor and population -related statistics.

24 birds

Illustration project, identifying local wildlife, for Sogndalstrand Media and Sokndal Kommune.

The Berlage Papers

32nd edition of the Berlage Papers, newsletter for the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam.
(co-)Designed at Lust during my internship.

LIV - The volvo owners magazine cover

LIV – The volvo owners magazine

Infographic magazine cover illustration.

Ambitions & Renewal, Rijnstraat 8

Full spread Illustration for Total Identity in The Hague.

The Graphic Design Festival in Breda

The Public Information bubble: interactive installation (co-)designed at Lust during my internship.

Probabilistic forecasting

Final Major at the AUCB, design and research project for the Met Office.