LIV – The volvo owners magazine cover

I was asked to design / illustrate a cover for the 2nd 2011 issue of LIV.
The idea was to illustrate the magazine, and all the work that went into making it.


Data was supplied, and illustrated in cooperation with Chris Hubbard and Alexander Libotte at Redwood Publishing.
The main challenge was to fit big ideas onto a relatively small format, under 20x20cm.


The finished illustration contains information about:

Locations where articles are written connected with what type of transportation was used.

-connected with locations and number of people on those, that worked on said articles.


Articles are linked to a timeline containing information about dates, length of tasks and processes, distances traveled and man-hours used.


All neatly summed up in an area the sise of a hand.



Finished illustration





LIV-semifinal-03-c2 LIV-semifinal-03-c1



Late cover mockup





Sketches, Sorting information

First task: getting an overview of the shape of the timeline, and finding ways of fitting it on the format, as well as suggesting data to attach.





Visual tests of solutions





Final Adjustments


make07b1 LIV sketches





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