Minecraft, posters

Two infographic-themed posters about the up-and-coming computergame Minecraft.
Self initiated project.


The game is completely open-ended, and act more as a framework for creative play than a typical game. Some basic rules are provided, which amounts to a great many ways of accomplishing a goal.


The theme and style of the posters are those of a tutorial, explanation or a simplified breakdown of actions. However, considering (nearly) all possible routes to the goal,
the end result is not an explanation of how to easily achieve the desired result, but an archive of possibilities and a look into the complex interactions arising from what appears
to be simple rules.



Minecraft poster 1, iterations


Minecraft, poster 2, linear

3 responses to “Minecraft, posters”

  1. Daniel Bjur says:

    Hei! Er det mulig å kjøpe en Grilled Pork Minecraft plakat? Hvor mye skal du ha for den?

    • oostring says:

      Hei Daniel,
      Takk for spørsmålet.

      På grunn av opphavsrett til figurene og spillkonseptene så er de kun til salg ved forespørsel pr. e-post.
      Send mail til ole@oostring.com for bestilling.


      Due to copyrights, posters are only available for purchase on request. Send me a mail at ole@oostring.com if you have questions or want to place an order.

  2. oostring says:

    Additional info:
    Printing and shipping through zazzle.com starts from around $25 for a A2 sized poster.

    Send me a mail at ole@oostring.com for a link to the product-page, since they are not publicly available.

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