Monkeys & typewriters, ad infinitum

A lighthearted look at the consequences of multiple dimensions and infinity:
As stated in “The Science of Discworld 3: Darwins watch” by Terry Pratchett, Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart: an infinite number of universes leaves room for every possible scenario, such as a universe containing only dining room chairs.


Expanding upon that idea, there would be an infinite number of variations of that universe containing only chairs. Such as a universe for chairs with faded paint, and an infinite number of variations of which chair has got the wonky leg.


The most popular example of infinity is perhaps the varying number of primates, producing a literary masterpiece by way of typewriter. This is my brief take on what else they would get into, given enough time and attempts.



Zoomable image:






One response to “Monkeys & typewriters, ad infinitum”

  1. hn says:

    for the sake of not being dissed by math geeks, you should replace “infinity” by “a LOT!”

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