Probabilistic forecasting

Probabilistic forecasting, extended major project at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.


This project was based on a brief from the Met Office, where they asked for new ways of communicating probabilistic forecast information, in order to be able to extend the use of this technique to new areas of business and to new audiences.


Probabilistic forecasts differ from normal forecasts in that the entire spectrum of probable weather outcomes is presented to the user, not just the best estimate. The complexity of the message is dramatically increased and have traditionally only been suitable for scientists and trained professionals.


The project consisted of equal parts understanding the science, designing new solutions and user-testing proposed systems. The final results were at the end of the project presented to a team at the Met Office, which currently are in possession of the copyrights.


For portfolio purposes, I’ve included some of the final works from posters and booklets, as well as some pages from the research documentation and design process.







Pages from the final presentation book:




Pages from the sketchbook:




Slides, presenting the project:




Data illustrations:


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