Quantum type

Applying quantum mechanical properties to type. Self initiated project at the AUCB (formerly AiB), mixing quantum mechanical properties with type. Exploring both the nature of quantum mechanics and the alphabetical system. The aim was to combine two different ideas to see if new, interesting and usable outcomes would emerge.



A short introduction to the double slit experiment:
A single electron is repeatedly fired towards two openings in a screen, and detected when arriving at a wall
on the other side.


Not observed:
The electron behaves as a wave, travels trough both openings and interferes with itself on the other side of the screen, leaving a distinct pattern on the wall.


The waveform collapses and the electron behaves as a particle, traveling trough one opening only, leaving a different pattern on the wall.


The act of observing forces an outcome.



Applied to type:
For each space in the word quantum, there are many possibilities for what letter to appear, until the word is read and the outcome is determined.


There are a limited number of 7 letter words starting with Q, and some letters are more frequently used in the englidh language. This skews the probability for some letters to appear, resulting in some outcomes being more probable than others.


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